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* 10yrs Sonnen BMW Factory Training
* 7yrs Valtelina Automobile
* High end European and Exotic Motors
* 5yrs Continental Auto Tech
* VW Extensive
* Restoration Work
* Full Restoration
* Complete from Motor to Body



"Gary is the best - honest, fair, good natured and did I say honest? Wouldn't take my car anywhere else. OH, and he's and excellent mechanic."

-Angel M.


"Gary is honest, fair, kind, and knows what he is doing. Thank you Gary."

-Allison B.


"Trustworthy loyal helpful friendly courteous kind cheerful thrifty brave clean and irreverent! (...the last his Irish wit! but otherwise truly reverent toward life (ours and our vehicle's) and masterful right-livelihood)!"

-Brian W.


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